My Services

I will meet with you at the property site and take time to learn your needs and concerns and answer all of your questions. I will examine your property thoroughly, to determine what work needs to be done to accomplish your goals, and provide you with the longest lasting solutions to preserve your property and protect your investment.

Painted house Painted house

I will write an estimate that outlines your project's details, a time frame for completing the various tasks, and the cost of labor and materials.

When I begin your project, I will arrive on time each day and work until the project is finished, as weather permits, to your satisfaction. I will keep you informed of my progress each step of the way and answer any questions you may have. If any additional work needs to be done, I will review it and the costs with you and ask for your approval before I start it. I will always respect your privacy and protect your property, as I work.

I offer the following services: (click bolded services for more info and examples)

Please contact me for a free consultation and a no obligation estimate on your next painting or remodeling project.

Photo: Australian Timber Oil on Mahogany

Australian Timber Oil on Mahogany. It actually is on very heavy because it was a recoat and I didn't want to wipe it so it would cover some imperfections.

Cedar Deck Cedar Deck
2nd floor Timbertek deck with cedar railings

Here are a few examples of the unique sorts of services I provide.

Painting damaged siding

I painted the first house to get aluminum siding in Scituate. That siding eventually wore away where mildew was allowed to grow. I was left with a chalky and sometimes bare aluminum siding to paint. I power washed the siding and then used Ben Moore Moorguard Low Lustre paint in two coats. The first coat required emulsabond to safely encapsulate the microfine chaulk that could not be removed. That job produced my first unsolicited letter of recommendation.

Painting over nailheads

Photo: rusty nails in trim

In the late 1980's, I painted the exterior of a house whose clapboards had been sandblasted some years earlier to remove the paint. This left the nails high and they had rusted. The grain had weathered to a very raised and broken look.

If you paint over rusted nails, the rust will eventually seep through the paint. Special care is need to prevent this.

Photo: setting nails
First, I set all the nails. I pole sanded all the clapboard.
Photo: primer applied
Then I rolled on exterior oil primer with a 1 inch nap straight up and down. This worked the primer into the wood and left it heavy.
Photo: Final coat
I then filled the holes with putty and brushed on two coats of latex.

This ensures that the rusted nails remain hidden for as long as the paint job lasts. This is one of the unique services I offer and an example of the level of attention I give to every project.

Restoring stained wood

Another job at a Marshfield home near the ocean required stripping the old stain, bleaching the wood with a 2-part solution, using preconditioned stain and/or thinned shellac to pretreat the raw wood. This was followed by two coats of stain and six to eight coats of gloss oil polyurethane. The doors looked like they had a coat of glass over them. The grain was never dark and muddy, even though I used special walnut stain.

Repeat business from a satisfied customer

Several years ago, I painted the kitchen cabinets for a lady that I met through my last networking group. Just a month or so ago, she had me return to paint the bathroom cabinets and said she was quite happy with how well the other work held up.