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The Four Generations of Painters run across family lines, rather than up and down. My stepfather, Ben, taught me the trade, as well as his son. Ben was taught by his Uncle Elmer.

As I recall, Uncle Elmer Vadnais painted around the early 1900's, when they would mix up the paint themselves, sometimes right there on the job. They would add some linseed oil, gum turps, and other ingredients that are no longer used. Much of the practical wisdom of painting taught to me comes from him.

Ben painted in the 1960's with his son, Ben Jr., who we both referred to as Skip. The company name back then was Benjamin and Benjamin. They painted out of Pawtucket.

Ben had a long history of painting before his sons, as well. He saw the introduction of the roller. About that time, latex paint was invented. The roller and latex paint were marketed together as a great way to cover over old wallpaper.

Ben and I started painting together in 1976. He was in his 50's and I was 18 and we lived on the Cape. He did most of the work and I got fussy with it. Ben was more of a production painter. I'm concerned with detail. He was more capable and experienced and knew know how to get the job done. He would tackle the bulk of the work, while I found myself coming in behind him, because quality control was important to me. I learned a lot from him.

We called ourselves the Master Painting Company. And that is the lineage of painters preceding the current rendition of the Master Painting Company.

– Phil Hammond

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